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How do I get a camera?
In the grocery store add a camera to the checkout line.

How much is a camera?
There is a free 12 shot camera, and a 99¢ 24 shot camera. With the 24 shot you get three extra shots for free!

How do I delete a camera?
Double tap or hold on a camera to delete or print a camera.

How many cameras can I own?
Just three at a time.

My camera is not taking pictures?
Is the ready light green? If not you need to swipe the winder to the right three times until the light turns green. Then shot with the volume up button.

How do I rename a camera?
Double tap or hold on the camera.

How do I see the photos I have taken?
Just like a real film camera, the only way to see your photos is to print them. After you pick them up from Walgreens then they will be available on your phone.


When can I pick up my photos?
Approximately one hour after they are sent to Walgreens. You will receive a notification

How much are prints?
35¢ each.

Is delivery available?
Not yet.

What if I’m not satisfied with the quality of my prints?
Not yet.

What size prints are available?
4”x6” glossy

What finish are the prints?

How do I choose my delivery location?
On the Walgreens form tap Change Store. Enter your zip code, city or state, and tap the nearest location.

What if I am not happy with the quality of my prints or I am missing prints?
We recommend that you check your prints before leaving the store. In the event that you are not happy with your photos or missing photos you can ask a Walgreens Photo Service employee to print corrections.

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